Nathaniel Taylor

Designer, Artist, Engineer, Fabricator.

Howdy! Have you seen the Collaborative Art Project on the Embarcadero, the Raygungothic Rocketship, or played with my steam calliope on the Steampunk Treehouse.  Maybe you know me from All Power Labs where I co-engineered and fabricated features on the GEK Gassifier and the Power Pallet. I am 'professor' of Art, having taught at The Crucible, UC Berkeley and the California College of Art. I am also an darn good fabricator and an excellent machinist. I love invention and manufacturing and well Plants, Nature, Radio and Tesla. At Radiorobot I focused on the goal of creating a Business and creative Chaos.. Radiorobot has been and will always be focused on the Art of Making, Collaboration, and Thought Provoking Musings.

Radiorobot. Owward. Milwaukie, Oregon. 2016.


At APL with the GEK gassifier. Survival Prototyping during the 2009 crash...

At APL with the GEK gassifier. Survival Prototyping during the 2009 crash...


Radiorobot has moved yes its true. twice! TWICE! it was maddening. Insane.

Ok what happened.? @2609 mandela parkway the rent went up way up but., hindsight I should have stayed yet the cascade of change that I unleased has been while somewhat rocky and challanging Has also been rewarding and life changing.

I moved first to Alameda and had a sweet shop space! best ever! home from home views, sunsets, short commute, and awesome dirty clean work areas. NOISE? crank that shit up man! welp that lasted six glorious months! Then I lost that lease, long not so fun story with insane master tenant. threatened with sesuire of my property and well I fought back but Alameda government has way more powerful stuck in the mud legal teams. Packed it all up... and the same day as eviction ababy born! Whew no stop fast foward--->>> moved to Milwaukie Oregon. I like up here. Rains a lot.. Radiorobot as a business LLC is closed but Not RADIOROBOT. Radiorobot is on haitus and I stand behind my work as an artisan. So check it out... if you made it thus far in the story... the next big thing...